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Not to mention I’m having alot more fun and enjoying myself more on my Sandman blog. Everyone I’ve met so far have been really kind and accepting of my headcanons and there are people who think I’m really pretty good at RPing him!!
I kinda feel bad to say I haven’t felt as much giddy delight, as I do there, here on any of my gijinka blogs. / w \;;;
They won’t vanish entirely!! I don’t like deleting blogs. /sob.
They just might be a little… Dusty. /cough.
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Well I’ve been fairly withdrawn as of late and I thought it would be a good idea to be graced with the company of people other than my
roommate and my coworkers.

Well, then I hope my company’s not too bad! /chuckles some. Wouldn’t want to ruin your day. /hums, nodding. Are you faring well then? Despite being fairly withdrawn as you say?



-His cheeks turn pink out of embarrassment from the compliment-

Well, I try to be. A pleasure to meet you too Leon.

Then you are certainly doing a splendid job. /smiles warmly. So, I’m curious, what brings you to seek company, ah? /cocks a brow, truly curious.



-smiles in return and does a courteous bow-

Hello, I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure of meeting you yet. I’m Amilius. 

/can’t help but giggle with delight upon watching him bow. The pleasure is certainly all mine, what a dashing gentleman you are. /grins wider, offering a handshake. I’m Leon, it’s a pleasure Amilius.



Would anyone be willing to offer me company? 

I wouldn’t mind, handsome. /grins and waves.

[Just felt like drawing a vague size comparison of An and Chisisi.Jirachi are 1’00” and therian!Thundurus are roughly 9’10”, so… Yeah. /rolls away.]

[Just felt like drawing a vague size comparison of An and Chisisi.
Jirachi are 1’00” and therian!Thundurus are roughly 9’10”, so… Yeah. /rolls away.]

Ohhhh! Hi there person! Hi! I’m Chisisi and I’m technically not supposed to be socializing a whole lot lot, but An is boring and that’s boring, so hi! Wanna be friends? /huuuge happy grin.


//smiles// It’s nice to meet you as well, Mister Ono-2!

I can’t say I’ve ever met a shiny porygon2 before ovo 

Well, I can certainly say the same to you, even though one would think Hoothoot more common. /chuckles quietly. Though living in Unova does make most other regional Pokemon more few and far between…

(Source: acrobaticamputee)

Ah, salutations. It’s a pleasure meeting another Johto native ‘mon. /bows, then smiling faintly. I am Ono-2, pleased to make your acquaintance.



   He remains in his bow, shaking his head

I do what I feel must be done.

Is not much left of me to be ‘good guy’. 

But I thank you for your words regardless.

   The bow dips, and he stands back up.

You are not bad yourself.

Well, I think there’s still enough there. /nods a bit. If you didn’t have enough you would show that sense of caring. Y’show you at least care about innocent lives, and that I think is enough to prove you’re a pretty good guy. /smiles wide. Thank you, as well. /chuckles quietly.

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